FS Module

FS Module is basis for building efficient, scalable remote file storage. supporting data redundancy, rebalancing and resharding. The key principle is effective data immutability, which enables simple design, low-overhead and aggressive caching. This technology allows to create high-throughput data storage and processing applications. All data in FS is organized in file systems.

You can add FS module to your project by inserting dependency in pom.xml:


This module includes FsClient interface which represents a client with upload, download, move, delete and list operations. There are several implementations of the interface:

  • LocalFsClient - a client which works with local file system and doesn’t involve working with networks.
  • RemoteFsClient - connects to a RemoteFsServer and communicates with it.
  • RemoteFsClusterClient - a client which operates on a map of other clients as a cluster.

Also, there is a RemoteFsServer which is an implementation of AbstractServer for Cloud-FS.

You can explore FS examples here

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