Modern, reactive Java framework for network applications


DataKernel is a full-stack application framework for Java. It contains components for building applications of different scales, from single-node HTTP server to large distributed systems. DataKernel was inspired by Node.js, so it’s asynchronous, event-driven, lightweight and very easy to use. Moreover, it is completely free of legacy stuff, such as XML, Java EE, etc.

Due to the usage of modern asynchronous I/O, DataKernel is extremely fast, which is proven by benchmarks.

The essential components of DataKernel form the basis of our ad-serving infrastructure at AdKernel, running in production environments and processing billions of requests. Specifically, DataKernel is the foundation for systems that provide real-time analytics for ad publishers and advertisers, user data processing tools that we use for ad targeting, and also web crawlers that perform content indexing on a large scale.

Current version: 2.5.11

You can add DataKernel modules to your project by inserting dependency in pom.xml. For example add following lines to use the launcher module:


If you want to clone DataKernel git repository and build it locally or edit it, run the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd datakernel
$ git checkout v2.5.11
$ mvn clean install -DskipTests=true

Foundation components

Core components

Cluster components

Integration components