DataKernel 3.1 release!

Meet our new release! It features maintenance improvements and fundamental updates of Codegen and Serializer modules.


Let’s start with the Serializer. Now it is the fastest Java serializer in the world! Check out the new DataKernel benchmarks compared to the second-fastest JVM-based serializer (Colfer):

Apart from being extremely fast, DataKernel Serializer can offer much more advantages than other similar solutions:

  • Stable binary format with backward binary compatibility for efficient long-term code support
  • Support of the scheme evolution: changeable versions, added and removed fields, etc
  • Full support of Java subclasses, collections (including Maps) and also specialized collections like HPPC
  • Works directly with Java classes utilizing annotations. Thus, it doesn’t create additional layers of intermediate DTO classes, which significantly speeds up the code and makes it easy-to-use
  • Can be easily extended - you can write your own plugins for specific classes
  • Includes special hints for even more efficient code (String formats, nullable, varlen, etc)
  • Widely uses our amazing Codegen for efficient runtime work


Now let’s see what the new Codegen has to offer! It became even more powerful, super elegant and developer-friendly.

Codegen is a concise and handy solution that is built on top of the ObjectWeb ASM framework and basically works as embedded Lisp. It works in runtime and allows to dynamically generate code of any complexity:

  • Classes
  • Interfaces
  • Program code with specific application logic

Dynamic runtime generation is particularly useful if the final output/result you want to process is unknown in advance (for example, containers that store the results of user data processing). This set of features makes DataKernel Codegen an absolutely unique solution.

Check out some examples to test it out!

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