OT Module

OT was designed to create applications for collaborative editing based on principles, which conceptually resemble Git but with support of arbitrary user-defined data types and automatic conflict resolution using operational transformations (OT). Unlike traditional databases, data is represented as commit graph. This approach revolutionizes and provides truly distributed and asynchronous online/offline data processing.

You can add OT module to your project by inserting dependency in pom.xml:


The core features of OT are:

  • Organizing data as commit graph.
  • Efficient algorithms for managing graph of commits and automatic conflict resolution while merging.
  • Ability to save/load snapshots and create backups.
  • Working with arbitrary user-defined data structures.
  • State manager allows to monitor current state of OT system.

Note that OT is suitable for private cloud solutions and is not optimised for working with non-trusted servers. If you are looking for a global internet-wide cloud storage solution, please consider Global-OT module.

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