Next-generation Java framework

Lightweight asynchronous framework for efficient and scalable web and network applications

Freedom of Development

DataKernel gives you true freedom to express yourself as a developer. Create your projects and concentrate on their business logic instead of learning framework specifications.

Best Technologies

DataKernel is legacy-free. Build application-specific embedded databases and high-performance HTTP/RPC servers using high-level abstractions, CSP, LSM-Tree, Operational Transformations, CRDT and other modern algorithms and technologies.

Explicit design

There is no under-the-hood magic, third-party dependency hell, code glue or endless XML configurations. DataKernel gives a full control over your applications and provides you with the best tools organized in modules.

Modern Approach

DataKernel allows you to create web applications in a Node.js manner while preserving all of the Java advantages. We also use Node.js-inspired features, such as Promises as CompletableFuture alternative and pool of event loops as the building blocks of our framework to ensure its efficient asynchronous work.


DataKernel consists of loosely coupled yet perfectly fittable modules which allows to develop your solutions simply and minimalistically. Elegantly create network protocols and applications of different scales: from single-node HTTP-server to large distributed systems spanning multiple data centers.

No Overweights

To achieve the lowest GC footprint possible, we’ve designed perfectly optimized core modules, such as improved Java ByteBuffer analogy - ByteBuf with pool of ByteBufs, minimalistic Datastreams, stateless single-threaded Promises and also one of the fastest Serializers available nowadays.

Production-ready Technology

DataKernel is a production-ready solution which constantly evolves and gets new updates. The essential components of DataKernel form the basis of diverse high-load applications processing billions of requests daily: ad-serving solutions, online analytics and web crawlers.

Easy to Start

We did our best to make your first use of DataKernel as smooth as possible and created dozens of examples and tutorials. Try DataKernel right now by passing Getting-Started tutorial. You can also see docs to find out more about DataKernel modules.