Modern, reactive Java framework for network applications


DataKernel is a full-stack application framework for Java. It contains components for building application-specific embedded databases, specialized high-performance servers, clients and network protocols and applications of different scales: from single-node HTTP-server to large distributed systems spanning multiple data centers.

DataKernel framework is asynchronous, event-driven, lightweight and legacy-free, featuring modern high-level abstractions and DSLs. Its asynchronous architecture was inspired by Node.js, and efficient multi-threading model makes DataKernel extremely fast, which is proven by various benchmarks.

DataKernel incorporates modern and efficient solutions as core technologies:

DataKernel is an actively used production-ready technology. It has a full JMX monitoring coverage of all of the components and an automatic bootstrap of applications’ components graph. The framework also contains a high-performance embedded HTTP server for full-stack web applications development with support of React.js front-end and minimalistic Dependency Injection.

The essential components of DataKernel form the basis of diverse high-load applications processing billions of requests daily: ad-serving solutions, online analytics and web crawlers that perform content indexing on a large scale.

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