Global components of DataKernel Framework

Global components are designed to be used distributively across the whole global network. Global network consists of interconnected nodes (or servers) and discovery services which help to route one node with another. To achieve this and preserve data integrity between global nodes, all of the components have high fault tolerance and cryptography tools.
Components Description Examples
Global Common A foundation for other global components. Contains a DiscoveryService that conducts a DNS-like role for other global nodes. This module also contains cryptography tools and some common classes. Cryptography allows nodes to work with non-trusted servers.  
Global-FS Allows to create file sharing systems alternative to IPFS / BitTorrent technologies. It is fault tolerant, distributed and can work with non-trusted servers due to implementation of cryptographic data authenticity. Global-FS CLI, Global-FS Demo
Global-OT Extends both OT and Blockchain technologies (representing the data as Git-like graph of individual immutable content-addressable commits, encrypted and signed with private key of its owner). Global-OT can work with non-trusted servers. Global-OT Demo, Global-OT Editor, Global-OT Chat
Global-KV This module is a variation of Global-FS, optimized for storing small binary key-value pairs and their synchronization. Global-KV Demo